Recognized for more than 50 years in the region, our electrical service counters offer a wide range of electrical products that allow us to meet all your needs. Our loyal customers know that they can count on us when they need quality electrical products.

Electrical panels

In addition to our many lighting fixtures and heating products, CDE offers a wide range of electrical products. For example, our specialists will be able to advise you an electrical panel according to your needs. The electrical panel and circuit breakers are the most important parts of your home’s power system. By adequately dividing the current you receive from Hydro-Québec via your smart meter, you will be able to avoid circuit overloads and reduce the risk of fire.

Switches and dimmers

At our electric counters, our advisors will also be able to guide you in order to choose the switches and dimmers that suit you. There are several types and it can be quite complex to find the one we need. Dimmers will allow you to adjust the light intensity in a room in your home and thus create a warmer ambience. In addition to offering a nice atmosphere, a dimmer will offer you a considerable power saving. In fact, by lowering the luminous intensity by 10%, you will be able to double the durability of your bulbs.

Electric wires

It is important to choose its electrical cables and wires depending on the intensity, the installation and the equipment. Whether it is a heating cable, a construction wire, copper wires or any other types of electrical wires, the CDE team will be able to advise you. Our tools and electrical products will facilitate your renovation and construction projects, from the beginning to the finish.

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