Electric Heating

The energy needed to produce heat with electricity does not pollute in addition to being much more economical. CDE offers its customers high-quality, competitively priced heating and ventilation products specially designed to fight Quebec’s harsh winters.


Whether it is for residences, businesses or industries, electric heating is economical, safe and is the most often chosen option in Quebec. Indeed, the price of this resource is less changing than other forms of energy subject to the evolution of inflation and market prices. The price of electricity is increasing in a reasonable way.

Electric heaters deliver a comfortable warmth while being silent and odorless. Their installation is simple and much less complex than oil or gas appliances, for example. With very little maintenance, electrical systems break very rarely, which contributes to their economic aspect. Electric heating is instantaneous! Whether it is a radiant, convection or forced-air electric heating system, the temperature of the whole house can be controlled with a single thermostat or with one in each room of the house. An electric heating system that does not use fossil sources is now a must-have option for Quebec residences and businesses.