Electric Heating Promo

Electric Heating Promo

For this autumn, the electric heater Jazz is on sale at $ 579.00 (regular price $ 857.00).

The Jazz is Convectair’s most powerful towel heater. With its total capacity of 2000W, and 3 perforated towel bars, which infuse heat directly into your towels, you’ll never touch a cold towel again. Also, the Jazz’s 1000W natural convection heater creates a comfortable, consistent and noise-free environment in your bathroom. It’s designed to ensure that air circulates gently and continuously throughout the room, in perfect silence. The air is naturally vacuumed into the bottom of the heater, heated up by the element, then re-diffused into the center of the room, via forward-louvered air outlets on the top of the heater.

Take note that the reason we offer you this device at a reduced price is that there is a slight defect in the towel rack. The bars are slightly inclined. This defect is simply aesthetic and will not affect the effectiveness of the product.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or you can visit us in our Laval and Saint-Jerome stores.